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Monday, 15 August 2011

Buy until I die skin care list

skin care must haves - in fave order - not skin care routine order =)


Soothing, cruelty free, and gets the job done, excellent results and very well priced.
4.00 each - I have been using the the duo for a week and you can see on the bottles where I am up to - so you can imagen how long this will last you =). Look out for offers as I got these 2 for 2.00 each which is EXCELLENT VALUE!

The Bodyshop Vitamin E clensing bar 3.00 (I paid 1.50 during a special offer)
Amazingly gentle soap which brightens the skin leaving it feeling moisturised not tight. An essential in my book.

3. The vitamin E mosituriser - Ritch but light weight once on the skin, sinks in well, smells gorgeous, its gentle and you do see results. Who ever said... do pain no gain?

Amazing! I brought this 2 weeks ago and use it for everything. I use it on my feet, stretch marks etc... I even use it on painful inflammed spots and it soothes them and prevents spots ive attacked already turning into scars. Currently on offer in superdrug for 2.73 so you are saving 1.00 ! Its 250ml - Imagen how much a cream like this in lush would set you back 15-20 quid maybe?? so glad I found this and smells utterly gorgeous, all coca and coconutt like =)

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Lotion 250ml


Palmer's Lip Butter Dark Chocolate
Amazing ! I shall never be without this now. I can now through all my lip scrubs which hurt my lips out !!! (finally)
Smells gorgeous like after-eaights =) Ive used this every single day since I got this - amazing - handy tube which is also hygeinic. Has a subtle gloss, clear so can be worn underneath/over the top or even mixed with lip colours - or use it to lighten lip colours.
UTTERLY AMAZING NOW ONLY 1.54 in superdrug saving 1.00 !!

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