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Saturday, 6 August 2011

blook lovin' =)

Expressing my love for books on my blog =)

I love reading - I really can not tell you why though?

Anyway summer is prob the best time to talk about books as people who would not normally read are also joining in with the action =)

I recently went to waterstones and got 3 (2 books and 1 diary)

1. THE SOHAM PSYCHIC - this story happened when I was around the same age as these girls and I remember people talking about it etc. And now I have developted a love for psychic things and anything mysterious I thought I would get this book. I am 1/2 way though it ... will do a reveiw soon. But one thing I can say is the whole book isnt entirely about what happened with holly and jessica. He does explains other general things surrounding being a psychic.

Being the Soham Psychic
£6.29 at waterstones.com

2. I got this book as I recently seen a news broadcast where they talked about a dog who a family were trying to bring back from afganistan as the dog was their dead relatives companion so I thought I would get this book too .

The Dog That Saved My Life: Incredible True Stories of Canine Loyalty Beyond All Bounds - Heroes


Books I have read so far this year are:

What books have you read this year?

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  1. i love all things psychic/paranormal etc too,let me know if you would like to swap the top book when you have finished with it :)