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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Superdrug haul (MUA) - yay. + Bodyshop and POUND Shop! Pic Heavy!

I ordered from superdug on Thursday and my order came today.
In the sale on the site were some accessorize sets that they had left over from mothers day. There were 2 nail varnish sets and 2 eye shaddow sets however the which set you would get could not be guarenteed!
I personally got the nail set I hoped that I would get but however didnt get the eye set I hoped I would get. But to be honest the eye set is of bright colours (which I dont really have) so all is not lost!
And for 2.00 each ! when each item I beleive is usually 4.00 each hence 12 pounds worth for 2.00 =) whoop !

1. Paradise Pink. 2. Steel 3.Mint whisper
All are 10ml each.

Green is mermaid shade 5.
Platinum shade 4 speaks for it self
and the purple sahde is shade 21 Iris.
All of these were 2.00
And are all 2.5 grams.

MUA =)

Shade 12 pearl : the MAC DUPE FOR MAC'S CLUB
Shade 3 pearl
Shade 15 Pearl
Shade 19 Matt

Shade 13 pearl
Shade 4 Pearl
Shade 17 MATT

Body Shop
All lip butters/balms as you can see =)
Love these - the fruityness makes me happy !

Pound shop finds =)

Gosh Nail brightner
MEMEME Shade 35 storm which is a unusual bluey silver (in my opinion)

Mua Blusher in shade 3 which I thought would be a little too dark after looking at it in the pan, for some reason the picture for the blusher has been missed on the upload but you can see how gorgeous the swatch looks =) x

I did think that it looked scary in the pan.. but calmed down after swatching and its LOVERLY.

Swatch above for MUA BRONZER SHADE 1

Mua Varnishes =)

Mua - Lipsticks.

shade 6 =)

Shade 5 =)

Stunning shades 2 and 3 - I will swatch the shade 3 next to my body shop one and my barry M nude soon and compare.

Shade 5 =) Black mascarra and brush.

Mua clear lash gel .... which I brought to use as a eye brow gel x

As always leave comments please =)

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