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Monday, 30 May 2011

Carboot SALE BARGAINS - BOOKS, bodyshop and more =)

Bank Holiday Weekend.

so... I did a Carboot sale on sunday (glad I did as it was pouring it down today) =)

It was very cold so I went a walk around for a warm up.... And could not resist a few finds....

I spyed this fashion book for 50p and browsing through it - It dont even seem used to me

I will be keeping a look out for the bobbi brown make up books too =)

Excellent Condition!

RRP WAS 17.99 and I got it for 50p (BARGAIN OR WHAT) not even 5% of the RRP I dont think =/

The avon Nail overnight oil was 50p.

EVERY ITEM OF BODYSHOP WAS 2.00 EACH apart from the lipgloss and the hemp lip balm which were 1.00

I got everything in this picture for 1.00 =) I will USE everything in the picture more importantly.

All of the above items were 10p each !! =)
Body shop eye shaddow shade 10.
Victoria Jackson bronzing brush and Victoria Jackson lip gloss
Lancome Paris thing in shade 'middle brown 021': It says tester not for sale... but thats just too bad =) I wound it all the way up - and it was FULL AND NEVER USED. 10P Can u honestly beleive it =) haha.

If you have had any bargains recently... please comment below... they may even beat mine =)

I also got lots of books which are on my parents book self including
TG HIGGS (PSYCHIC) great condition 50p
another psychic book (dont remember the name) =( 20p
Book on serial killers 50p
A book (true life) about nurses in the war 50p
A book called 'call the midwife' about children in the 50's (true life) 50p

Many were from the same seller.
I think I will go next week - unsure yet though and of course depends on the wheather anyway.

Please leave comments =)

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  1. great finds!
    i have read the tj higggs book its fab,
    im addicted to car boot sales :)